Revolutionizing Sexual Wellness: Allo's Journey using PaddleBoat
Allo, India's pioneering digital health clinic for sexual well-being, aims to transform the landscape of sexual wellness by providing personalized, judgment-free, and discreet healthcare to all. With a scarcity of sexual health experts and limited access to appropriate treatment in India, Allo recognized the need for a comprehensive solution. To ensure top-notch service for its customers, Allo partnered with PaddleBoat to train and onboard healthcare professionals.
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Real-time tracking of learner progress
Lightning-fast onboarding
Breaking Barriers and Shattering Taboos: Allo's Quest to Transform Sexual Health
India faced a significant shortage of sexual health doctors, with less than 1000 specialists available nationwide. Moreover, a mere 2-3% of hospitals had a sexual medicine facility, often relying on ayurvedic methods without empirical evidence. These circumstances resulted in high costs, prolonged treatment timelines, and limited effectiveness. Allo aims to revolutionize this space by leveraging a triaging tool to connect patients with a team of sexual wellness professionals privately and confidentially, addressing both physiological and psychological needs.
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Navigating Training Turmoil: The Battle for Seamless Learning
In the midst of their turbulent journey, Allo confronted an uphill battle while in search of the perfect L&D solution. With sights set on enhancing their services, Allo sought an innovative path to overcome their challenges and unlock a world of boundless learning opportunities.
With industry-specific knowledge at the heart of their mission, Allo knew they had a Herculean task ahead – onboarding an elite squad of healthcare professionals ready to conquer the world of sexual well-being. Structuring the knowledge, delivering it in an engaging manner and tracking progress is easier said than done.
Allo used to rely on live classes and shared recordings on Google Drive, but there was a major problem lurking in the shadows: were those videos actually being watched?  There was no way to tell. To address this, the content needed to be restructured and migrated to a platform where progress could be tracked accurately. This was essential to ensure Allo's team was well-prepared and ready to excel.
We've all been there – the dreaded content black hole. How to go through copious amounts of material without letting boredom take the centre stage? With extensive content threatening to dampen spirits, engaging learners was the key to prevent churn. 
Cross platform accessibility
Cross-platform accessibility was paramount to accommodate the professionals' on-the-go learning preferences. Studies show that learners using smartphones completed course materials 45% faster and exhibited 72% higher engagement compared to those using desktops. Allo knew they had to deliver learning experiences that fit right in the palm of your hand.
From Mundane to Memorable: Igniting Learner Interest
Allo found the ideal partner in PaddleBoat, who offered a superior user interface and powerful features. PaddleBoat addressed Allo's training requirements effectively, resulting in accelerated onboarding and enhanced learning outcomes.
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“As someone creating a course for the first time, I don't think I could have asked for a better platform. It has been a very smooth experience where we managed to create a 22-hour-long course with so many heavy video files, assessments etc. The team at Paddleboat has been extremely quick in resolving any roadblocks as well, which made our work so much simpler.
Some of the tools that I think were really helpful as a creator were adding banners (sentiment banner, questions, pop up quiz etc) in the middle of the videos which helped make the course more interactive. Besides this, the live tracking has been great where I could see the stage every participant was at, at any given point. Overall, it has been wonderful using this platform and we are looking forward to our learners using the updated version now!”
Partnership Consultant at Allo Health
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Key Benefits
Seamless Onboarding
In just 10 days of partnering with PaddleBoat, Allo went live with an immersive learning experience encompassing long hours of engaging assessments, curated video content and interactive elements embedded within the videos! The content was delivered in an engaging manner, reducing the time required for professionals to become fully acclimated ie. the ramp up time, and generating cost savings for Allo.  By structuring the data into bite-sized modules, live classes became a thing of the past, freeing up precious time for the onboarding team.
Granular analytics
With PaddleBoat, Allo can track the learning progress of their healthcare professionals, surpassing the limitations of their previous onboarding process. From time spent learning to engagement rates, Allo now possesses a complete learning profile for each of their employees. This level of visibility holds them accountable and ensures content completion. Say goodbye to guesswork and embrace a data-driven approach to optimize professional growth!
Enhanced engagement
PaddleBoat raised the curtain on a spectacle of exciting quizzes, interactive videos, and multimedia wizardry! The software delivered engagement results for Allo that were three times superior to industry standards.
Cross platform accessibility
PaddleBoat's cross-platform accessibility allowed healthcare professionals to learn on the go. With a swipe here and a tap there, knowledge sharing became unstoppable, accelerating learning and upskilling professionals like never before!
Allo highly regards PaddleBoat as a trusted onboarding solution, and the team at Allo personally endorses our services. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Allo as a valued customer and partner!
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to launch content after partnering with PaddleBoat
engagement rate compared to industry standards