We're a Saas platform (web application) with designs optimised for the Laptop and Phone. We'd offer whitelabeled solution to clients in terms of logo branding and url (for eg.

PaddleBoat is compatible with all commonly used browsers - Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera etc. We have three account types within the platform - Admin, Creator and Learner. Each of these have a different set of functionalities available.

Cloud Infrastructure

PaddleBoat is exclusively hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is recognized for data centres that are built to withstand all types of threats and are certified for high quality and security.
  • We use storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage and it is reliable (AWS guarantee).
  • All files that you upload are stored on servers which handle all the information with particular care to points of failure and high uptime.
  • We use load balancers to ensure PaddleBoat is online even with high traffic. Load balancers distribute requests to multiple servers, and this ensures that PaddleBoat can withstand attacks like DDoS.
  • All AWS servers are encrypted with AES-256.

Application Security

To keep our users and their data safe, we continually and carefully monitor, fix and prevent any security vulnerabilities. All information transferred between our server and your computer is encrypted (SSL/TLS 1.2). This means if anyone were to “listen in” and try to get to this data, they wouldn’t be able to read or decrypt it.

Internal Security

At PaddleBoat, we promote a culture of security at all times.
  • All employees sign confidentiality agreements.
  • We never download customer data on our premises.
  • We monitor the regulatory and legal requirements continually, as well as enforce privacy and security requirements.